A look at the new WooCommerce admin dashboard

WooCommerce introduced a complete new look for their admin dashboard in a separate plugin. It’s a look at what’s to come to the main plugin, and worthy to give it a test drive already.

WooCommerce Admin Interface

The WooCommerce Admin plugin gives the dashboard a new Javascript driven interface, which makes it faster than it is now. It also introduces new type of reports and a customizable dashboard.

A look at the new WooCommerce dashboard, which also works great on mobile devices.

Activity panels let you access important updates in a click

The all new activity panel brings the possibility to take a look at new orders, stock and reviews in a single click. Where WordPress notifications could clog up your screen before, the new interface bundles them into your ‘Inbox’ aswel. Overal a great new feature for managing your store.

A look at the activity panel.

Reports for WooCommerce

The new Reports interface is probably the best new feature. It clearly visualizes the current performance of your store and compares it with the last period.

A look at the new Reports interface.

The only thing missing is the source of your orders and I would also like to see Abandoned Cart stats, but I guess that won’t be integrated soon. Luckily you can easily get this stats by integrating Google Analytics and other external plugins.

Test drive the WooCommerce Admin plugin

Want to take the plugin for a test drive? Then download it for free from the official WordPress Plugins directory via this link.

Be sure to leave your thoughts about the plugin in the comments!

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