Conversion Hack: Boost Sales with Countdown Timer Popups

In our Conversion Hacks series, we are going to teach you small tips & tricks that help you boost your sales in WooCommerce. On today’s episode, we’ll discuss the effectivity of Countdown Timer Popups for WooCommerce.

Why you should use a Countdown Timer Popup

Before we teach you the trick, it’s important to know why you are doing it. When optimizing your store for conversions, it’s important to understand the psychology beneath purchases. Today’s conversion hack is all about the Fear Of Missing Out. That means, that if you create scarcity or give a deadline for a deal, your customer will be triggered to complete the action. This is because their mind triggers them with scenarios like “What if I don’t act now? Then I’ll miss an amazing opportunity.”

So basicly, by integrating a Countdown Timer Popup, you are telling your customers to act now. For example, you could count down to the time left before shipping in time for Christmas.

The OptinMonster interface

How to Create Countdown Timer for WooCommerce

There are several ways to implement a feature like this into your WooCommerce shop. The most easy and fast way is by using OptinMonster.

  1. Sign up on their website and click on the green “Create Campaign” button.
  2. Select a campaign type, you can choose any that you want.
  3. Select the Countdown template.
  4. Update and configure the display settings according to your needs.
  5. Publish the widget and get more sales!

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