Don’t lose revenue: Recover WooCommerce Abandoned Carts

It’s one of the most frustrating feelings: You see the add-to-cart events of your customers in Google Analytics, but they don’t finish the checkout procedure. Your conversion rates drop. The reasons why you didn’t convert can be endless, but one of the most common reasons is that they simple forgot it because they were interrupted by something else or that your checkout page isn’t optimised.

Abandoned Carts reasons

On average more than 67% of all carts are abandoned. The most common reasons for cart abandonment are:

If you take a look at the reasons above, there are a lot of reasons that are fixable. But where do you start?

Make a better checkout experience

The standard WooCommerce checkout experience does it’s work, but isn’t really optimized for today’s standards. Luckily there is room for improvement and it’s possible to improve your checkout experience without a lot of coding knowledge.

In May 2020 WooCommerce introduced a Gutenberg powered block editor for the cart and checkout pages. It currently only works with a few payment providers, but since it’s probably getting integrated with WooCommerce itself it will see wider compatibility in the near future.

Don’t want to wait for full compatibility? Don’t worry. There are a lot of alternatives available. On CodeCanyon, a marketplace for plugins and scripts, there are several good options to consider. You can see them over here.

Reduce Cart Abandonment with Exit-Intent pop-ups

When your visitor is about to leave your website with their cursor, an exit-intent pop-up opens. Bam! Give them a deal, or a very good reason to make the purchase. Perhaps offer some free shipping?

You can all make this possible by using the OptinMonster plugin for your WooCommerce store.

OptinMonster offers over 65 pre-made templates, is mobile friendly and has advanced targetting rules.

Send e-mail reminders

If you already have your visitor’s e-mail address, you should also consider Abandoned Cart marketing e-mails. You can easily send them an quick reminder, offer or a service mail which tells your visitor that you saved their cart for them and could give you a boost in sales.

There are a few providers that give you the option to send abandoned cart e-mails which include:

Create remarketing campaigns

Ever noticed that after looking on a certain website without purchasing anything you get targeted with advertisements about the products you spent the most time on looking at? That’s remarketing.

Setting up remarketing with WooCommerce is pretty easy, but does require some knowledge about online marketing.

There are a few things you need to get this working:

  • A feed of your products (CSV, XML, etc.)
  • An active Facebook Advertising or Google Ads account
  • The Facebook for WooCommerce plugin to connect your store
  • A plugin to generate a Google Product Feed
  • A cookie-notice with marketing opt-in if you operate in the European Union
  • Last but not least: a marketing budget

In conclusion

Don’t take abandoned carts for what it is and start maximizing your revenue by applying exit-intents from OptinMonster and one of the abandoned cart e-mail providers.

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